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11/24/2014 Quick Draw Evening 11-23-26-27-31-32-34-40-46-51-54-56-59-60-61-62-63-67-72-80
11/23/2014 Quick Draw Evening 07-16-18-21-25-26-27-31-32-35-36-46-49-62-67-68-69-71-72-74
11/22/2014 Quick Draw Evening 05-07-08-10-17-27-29-30-31-34-38-39-41-46-54-56-60-67-72-75
11/21/2014 Quick Draw Evening 05-09-10-12-19-22-25-26-39-40-45-53-54-55-56-58-60-62-70-71
11/20/2014 Quick Draw Evening 02-07-08-10-21-23-24-29-34-35-36-42-47-54-62-65-67-73-75-80
11/19/2014 Quick Draw Evening 01-06-08-12-13-18-20-21-27-29-30-38-40-41-43-48-53-69-77-78
11/18/2014 Quick Draw Evening 11-21-23-24-25-29-30-32-38-39-42-46-49-51-53-62-64-68-75-76
11/17/2014 Quick Draw Evening 02-05-08-09-21-22-25-31-34-37-42-48-55-56-59-70-71-72-74-77
11/16/2014 Quick Draw Evening 05-06-10-20-30-31-34-35-40-51-52-58-59-60-67-70-72-74-76-77
11/15/2014 Quick Draw Evening 01-07-14-15-18-20-23-29-30-43-50-52-53-58-62-70-71-74-75-76
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